Check Out Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Final List - VidMate App

Check Out Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Final List - VidMate App

Bigg Boss 12 is going to be a reality show which will take place in India. The show Bigboss was aired on Sony tv and hosted by Salman Khan. It will be a very great and best chance for the contestants to prove themselves.

Bigg Boss was first telecasted on 3rd November 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television. After seven years, the show returned in November 2017 and was hosted by Salman Khan.  He has previously been the host of popular shows like 'Kaun Banega Crorepati,' 'Kasamh Se,' 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa' and 'Dance Plus.'

The Bigg Boss season is a reality television program in which contestants are isolated in a house constantly under the scrutiny of cameras. They are allowed to meet only once daily in a group called "housemates." These housemates are selected to live inside the house through "elimination rounds."

The show's winner gets a prize of Rs. 50 lakh.

The contestants must compete against each other through various challenges to stay inside the house, win immunity, and make it to the finale.

How to Download Bigg Boss by VidMate?

Check Out Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Final List - VidMate App

You can download the VidMate app on computers, Android phones, and tablets. The app is popular among users because of its simple design. You can easily view TV shows, music videos, movies, and other videos. You can also download the latest episodes of Bigg Boss season 12 online. You can watch the latest episode of Bigg Boss online on your computer or Android phone and tablet. The best thing about VidMate is that it is free and easy to download. It has all the videos that you want.

To begin with, you can start watching videos by typing "Bigg Boss" in the search box. There are a total of 7 Bigg Boss seasons available. The latest season is Bigg Boss season 12. You can download the latest episode of Bigg Boss online on your computer or Android phone and tablet. It is the most simple watch the latest episode of Bigg Boss online. The app is compatible with Windows OS as well as Android devices. You can download it and install it on your PC or laptop, Mac or iMac. You can also download the VidMate app on your smartphone or tablet. You can watch the latest episode of Bigg Boss online on your computer or Android phone and tablet.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Contestants' Name:

Check Out Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Final List - VidMate App

The main focus of Bigg Boss Season 12 will be on the couples as they enter the house. So, for the first time in Bigg Boss, there will be two-three pairs of contestants entering the house. The housemates entered the Bigg Boss House as singles in the first season, but now the format has changed. They will enter the house as couples and compete against each other in various challenges. The contestants will compete in teams, meaning the couple will have to work together to win.

When Bigg Boss Season 12 began, we didn't know whether the show would be entertaining or not. The first season was exciting because of its twists and turns. It is also interesting to watch the contestants compete against each other to win a chance to be the finalist. Who would win? Who would get eliminated? Season 12 has several contestants eliminated in previous seasons, including Karanvir Bohra and Sanjay Kapoor. But season 12 is also full of newcomers, including Romil Chaudhary and Dipika Kakar. The Bigg Boss season 12 finale will be on 30th December. It will also include Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary. Karanvir Bohra is very famous for his dance moves. He is currently a model and a singer. He made headlines after dancing with his pants around his ankles at a restaurant. This was considered an obscene gesture in India. His popularity has gone down since he danced like this. Romil Chaudhary is a singer from Uttarakhand.

Dipika Kakar is also famous for her dance moves. She was in the dance reality shows Dance India Dance Season 2 and Dance India Dance Season 3. She came in second place. She is currently a television actress. The Bigg Boss season 12 has started with the grand opening ceremony. The Bigg Boss season 12 finale will happen on 30th December. The season 12 winner will be announced in the finale episode.

Bigg Boss Vote: 

Check Out Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Final List - VidMate App

There is only one vote to be given per day. The voting window closes at 12 am IST. After the voting is closed, the results will be displayed on the home page. There will be one winner every week. The winner will be declared on the next week's episode.

The Bigg Boss Season 12 voting page has a banner with pictures of the top five contestants. Click on vote now, which will take you to the voting page.

Voting is open for 12 hours starting from 11 am IST on 10th January 2018. Register using your email address, Facebook login, or Google login to vote. The voting window closes at 12 am IST. After the voting is closed, the results will be displayed on the home page. The winners will be declared on the next week's episode.

So, you can participate in the Bigg Boss season 12 voting and make it to the showdown. You will be voting for your favorite contestant, and it will help you choose the show's winner.

The full and final list of contestants:

  • Rohit Suchanti
  • Megha Dhade
  • Surbhi Rana
  • Nehha Pendse
  • Karanvir Bohra
  • Dipika Kakar Ibrahim
  • Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu
  • Srishty Rode
  • S Sreesanth
  • Surbhi Rana
  • Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani
  • Somi Khan and Saba Khan
  • Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra
  • Roshmi Banik
  • Kriti Verma
  • Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh

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