DramaFever alternative better sites to watch Korean Dramas

DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you are getting bored and want to see some films or TV shows online, you must explore many different websites. DramaFever is one of the best among all these sites. You can watch online TV shows and many more with subtitles. There is also a premium subscription in which you can get all the stuff in HD and enjoy watching serials without any ads. You can run it on any device, such as Android, IOS, or others. It comes with a US license, and there are plenty of collections in it that you can stream. It has more than 1500 episodes and 70 partners for content in 12 different countries. Warner Bros owned it, but now they have closed all its services for it.

Best DramaFever alternative:

If you want an alternate source for DramaFever to watch movies, then the Vidmate app is the best for you. You can use your Android smartphone to watch dramas and series online by downloading the Vidmate app. It has several platforms where you can watch various videos. You do not need to visit another website to view a video. All stuff is free to watch on Vidmate. You can watch any Asian or Latin Drama and many other serials. You can watch all videos in HD for free. It has fast players who can play the video without any lag issues. You will find many links from different sites in this app, or you can search for any video according to your choice. The database is updated to provide you with the latest episodes of all serials. It also has a very interesting feature that enables you to watch the drama while doing any other activity on your mobile. You can also stream your favorite films and music. The interface of this app is very simple, which makes it easy to use.

Top 10 DramaFever alternative sites:


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

You can download this app to stream more than one thousand titles, as it is also an alternative to DramaFever. It has all the content which you can watch in your preferred language. This application is updated and has all the latest movies and serials. You can use it as a free subscriber or buy a subscription for a whole month. 


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you love to watch some international content, then Netflix is the best app where you can watch all the exclusive stuff. You can watch some famous Korean dramas such as MR. Sunshine or Black and many others. There is a huge library of amazing content on Netflix that you can watch to have fun in your free time.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you love to watch Korean dramas or want to search for more serials, then Kocowa is the best platform for you. You can find all this premium content unavailable on any other site or app. If you start streaming it as a free user, you will be interrupted by some advertisements. You do not want to spend any real money to watch your favorite drama or show here, as everything is free. If you want to stop ads, you must send some cash to get a monthly plan to stop seeing ads.

On Demand Korea:

DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you want to stream some Korean dramas with English subtitles, then you must try this. It has all the latest developments where you can enjoy all the serials and dramas with their latest episodes. Here you can see some popular Korean dramas in high resolution. It has free and premium packages for its users where you can start watching some best Korean dramas. It also has a pay-per-view option.

Asian Crunch:

DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

It has a vast collection of awesome Asian series that you can watch. You can also stream some movies or live serials on it. It contains ads that can disturb you while streaming. To get rid of these ads, you must pay seven dollars for one month to stop these ads. It is the best platform where you can watch Asian dramas and shows.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you love watching animated series, you are at the right place. Crunchyroll has a huge collection of animation and manga serials. You can watch your favorite animated movie or any series on it. It supports some very fast video players. You can also stream your series in high quality. It has a free trial for 14 days which you can use to experience the best and latest anime. You must get a paid subscription by spending 7 dollars to start streaming it.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

There are many streaming platforms on the internet, but Hulu is very different from others due to its best services. It has a lot of users worldwide who love to watch their favorite content on it. You will have an extreme collection of Latin and Asian stuff in it. You can also watch some local content on Hulu. It has a built-in HD video player where you can watch your favorite Korean dramas with subtitles in English.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

You can watch all the new Asian series on DramaGo. You can also download the app or visit the website to watch some of the latest Asian serials. It updates all the dramas and series regularly so that you can watch updated series on it. You can also stream some animated web series on it. It also has a collection of some new Korean dramas. If you want to play videos with subtitles, then some limited videos have subtitles. It also contains some ads. To enjoy an ad-free environment, you must get paid plans with real cash.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

It is a popular Asian drama and film platform where you can watch all the Korean dramas. It has a very high internet rating due to its excellent streaming services. For several years, it has provided the best service to its users. You can watch all the new Asian movies on it. It also has a team for subtitles and customer help. You cannot stream on it for free as you have to pay seven dollars monthly to start streaming on it.


DramaFever Alternative Better Sites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you want to watch all the Korean stuff without spending a single penny, then DramaCool is for you. It is the best alternative to DramaFever. You can watch all the famous Korean films and dramas here. You can also explore your favorite movies in the search bar. Drama cool supports pop-ups that can irritate you while watching.


You may fall in love with this streaming platform as it has a very easy user interface. Some built-in fastest players in it play the videos without any problem. Here you can watch all the Korean serials and movies by selecting any one from its wide collection. You can also watch any film or drama in HD. Viu will give users a free 30 days trial, and then you must purchase a monthly plan to use this streaming platform.

View Drama:

You can watch any drama on it, such as Asian, Korean, or many others. It also has some Thai web series that you can stream for free. It has a huge library of Chinese and Korean shows. The interface also has a navigation option. You can watch all the content in high-quality resolution for free. It has no premium plans, so you can enjoy it without paying.

New Asian TV:

It's also an alternative to DramaFever for watching popular Asian television shows. You can also watch other TV shows in Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. All of your streaming TV show needs will be met by New Asian TV. You can only use it for streaming in certain countries as it is restricted to use in some countries.


It is another platform for watching Korean TV shows. It also has a big collection of shows and dramas. The interface is very clean and straightforward. There is also a segment where you can call any actor for an interview.


If you are watching Korean shows on Amazon, it will be difficult for you as Amazon does off-air dramas without any notification. You can watch your favorite Korean serials and shows on your smartphones and smart TV on Amazon Prime. There are plenty of TV shows, dramas, and web series which you can stream on Amazon Prime. It allows you to choose the premium plan according to your desire. You can select monthly, quarterly or yearly plans to watch your favorite dramas and shows.

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